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Total Setup Guide for 123.hp.com/dj2624 Printer

The 123.hp.com/dj2624 printer which is capable of scanning and copying. The ink cartridge is a real advantage of this printer. The price is low and a single cartridge will print 100 – 120 pages and can last even for 3 months. If you want to get high volume prints, then the HP Deskjet 2654 is a good choice.



  • Before you commence to establish the wireless printer connection, keep the printer within the acceptable range.
  • Keep your printer on and connect it to the wireless network. The process of establishing the network connection is based on the printer model.
  • Enter the network name and password, when prompted. Trail the prompts to establish the printer connection successfully.
  • If your printer and the wireless router are compatible with the WPS pushbutton mode, you can make use of it to initiate and maintain the wireless connection.
  • Once the network connection is established, add the printer to the computer.
  • If you use Windows computer, click on View devices and printers on the control panel and click Add printer.
  • Pick out the printer name from the list and go on with the instructions to install any required driver and the establish the HP Deskjet 2624 Setup network connection.
  • If you connect the printer to the Mac computer, click on System preference -> Print and Scan.
  • Tap on the + icon, pick your 123.hp.com/dj2624 printer from the list, and trail the prompts to accomplish the wireless network connection on your Mac.
HP Deskjet 2624 Setup


All the necessary steps to customize the printer are available here. Check out the below instructions and know how to setup your printer. The instructions like unpacking the printer, powering it, setting the preference, installing 123.hp.com/dj2624 the ink cartridges, loading the paper, establishing the printer connection, installing the software, and more.

  • Once you get your printer shipment box, check if all the necessary accessories are available. Now take out the printer from the shipment box.
  • Remove all the plastic tapes and bubble wrappers that are present around the printer. Pull the output tray of the printer down, grasp the handle and lower the ink cartridge access door to open it. Remove all packing materials and tapes present inside the printer.
  • Now use the power cord to link the printer’s rear end to the power supply. Once you establish the power cord connection, use the power icon to power on the printer. While doing this you can observe the carriage movement of the printer. Proceed to the below steps once the carriage becomes idle.
  • Take any one of the ink cartridges from the package and remove the packing materials and the protective covers present around it. Hold the ink cartridge properly and place it in the provided slot. Check if the cartridge sets into its place well.
  • Use the same procedure to install all the other ink cartridges and then close the ink cartridge access door of the printer. Subsequently, close the output tray.
  • To place unused white sheets, raise the input tray of the printer and slide the paper width guide all the way to the left. Subsequently, place enough amount of compatible white paper into the tray. Once it is done, lower the input tray.
  • After you assemble all hardware, look for the compatible printer driver and software on our website, follow the prompts, and get it installed on your computer to which the printer is connected.


Generally, we replace the ink cartridge when the ink level of the cartridge is low or ink gets dried. Check the major cause of the problem. If the issue is because of ink clogs, shaking of ink cartridge will help in the proper flow of ink. If the level of ink is below normal, use the below instructions to replace a new ink cartridge.

  • Get a new compatible ink cartridge before you replace the existing ink cartridge. It is advisable to replace the ink cartridge to prevent print quality issues.
  • Check if the printer is kept on and if needed you can make use of the power icon to power on the printer. Elevate the top cover of the printer and hold on until the carriage displaces to the right side of the printer and is calm and silent.
  • Push the old cartridge down and slide it in order to move it out of the carriage. If you like to replace the tri-color ink cartridge, remove the ink cartridge from the left slot of the printer. If you like to replace the mono-color ink cartridge, remove the ink cartridge from the right slot of the printer.
  • Take the new ink cartridge from its packaging and pull the pink tab to eliminate the protective tape from the ink cartridge. You are not supposed to touch the ink nozzles or copper contacts on the ink cartridge if you want to avoid ink bad electrical contacts, ink failure, and clogs.
  • Firmly hold the ink cartridge in a way that the copper strips are on the bottom and facing toward the HP Deskjet 2624 Setup. Push the ink cartridge at a slight upward angle into the carriage until the ink cartridge fits into place.
  • Install the tri-color ink cartridge on the left side of the carriage and black ink cartridge to the right side of the carriage. Subsequently, close the top cover of the 123.hp.com/dj2624 printer. After you have replaced all the faulty ink cartridge, align them to maintain the best print quality.


  • Edit the required document before you click on Print. Set layout, font size, color as per your requirement.
  • Open your app, click on File and tap on Print. Choose the Preference option, if needed.
  • Set Printing Shortcut and choose one of the document print job shortcuts that have required settings.
  • Customize source, orientation, paper type, size and more using the on-screen display.
  • Customize the quality and color settings option to get best printing results. Then click on Ok and Print.
  • Check if the computer to which you have connected the printer has required software to perform scanning.
  • Keep the original of the documents or photos on the scanner glass or Automatic Document Feeder. Click HP Assistant and then tap on the Scan a Document or Photo option to access HP Scan.
  • Create a shortcut that sets the file type and once all the necessary changes have been done to the settings, click Scan.
  • Using the copy feature, you can copy photos, ID card, documents easily. First place the original on the ADF or the scanner glass.
  • Click Copy Photo, Copy Document, or Copy on the control panel and choose any available settings.
  • Customize the options like double-sided printing, ID copy, Size, Paper Size, Paper Type, Tray Selection, quality, Enhancement, and more.
  • Liable to the printer model, click on Start or revert to the main screen by clicking on the back icon.
  • Choose Start black, Start Color, or Ok to commence the copy job from your 123.hp.com/dj2624 printer.



  • The paper jam issue usually occurs when the paper gets stuck in the paper tray, carriage fails to move freely, or accumulation of dirt in the paper rollers.
  • Use the instructions in this HP Deskjet 2624 Setup document to avoid frequent occurrence of the paper jam issue. Do not let objects like paper clips, rubber bands stay inside the printer.
  • When placing the paper in the input tray tap the bottom edge of the paper on a flat surface to make the stack even on all sides.
  • Make use of only compatible paper type and size. Do not overload or place insufficient amount of paper in the tray in order to avoid page ordering issues.
  • Clear the paper jam manually and make sure that the carriage of the 123.hp.com/dj2624 printer moves freely. If not, rest the printer and check if the issue is resolved.


  • When the printer is out of connection, check the below instructions to bring back the internet connection. Using the diagnostic tool is one of the good choices of using clearing the issue.
  • Check if the printer you are using is set as a default printer. If not, make use of the on-screen instructions to customize your printer as a default one.
  • Boot up the printer followed by checking the connection status of the printer. The instructions for checking the connection varies based on the connection type.
  • Choosing the inappropriate port would result in printer offline issue. Check if the printer which you are using is linked to the correct port.
  • Check if the firmware of your printer installed on your computer is the recent version. Go to the website and check if any update is available for your HP printer and proceed to reconnect the printer to the network.


  • Here is all you have to do if your printer shows an alert message regarding the incompatible ink cartridges.
  • Take out the installed cartridge from the slot, check if any damage is occurred and then refix the cartridge.
  • Boot up the printer. To reboot the printer take out the power cord from the printer’s end when the printer is on. Hold on for a while and then establish the connection as to how you did before.
  • Make sure that the cartridge contacts are free of dust and dirt. Accumulation of dirt is bound to have happened. Frequent cleaning of the contacts would help you avoid 123.hp.com/dj2624 ink cartridge related issues.
  • Buy a new ink cartridge and replace it using our instructions.


  • When the printouts are not obtained at its mentioned quality, the HP Deskjet 2624 Setup instructions provided in this section will help you bring back the printer performance.
  • Buy and install a new genuine ink cartridge from the manufacturer to overcome the print quality issues. Using of ingenuine ink cartridges will result in print quality issues.
  • Make sure that no ink smears are present on the back of printouts. To do this, click on the Setup icon and choose the Tools option. Click on Clean Page Smears and hold on until a blank page is ejected.
  • Check if you are using the correct paper for your print job. To check the printer’s compatibility of paper, go through the printer manual.
  • Printhead issue is also one of the causes for the print quality issue. Clean the printhead and if the issue is not found to be cleared, replace the ink cartridge.


  • If the printer issue occurs, make use of the below 123.hp.com/dj2624 instructions and get the connection established again. First, boot up the computer, printer, and the router.
  • Using the diagnostic tools, you can fix the printer connection issues. Get the appropriate tools installed on your computer and follow the prompts to fix the issue.
  • Check the prompts displayed on the screen to check the status of the wireless connection and then evaluate the wireless network test results page.
  • Limit number of wireless channel interference. Having more number of channels over the same 123.hp.com/dj2624 wireless network will cause this kind of issue.
  • Power off the additional routers and try to establish the connection again. Keep the objects like cordless phones, TVs, and other electrical devices away from the router.
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