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HP AMP Printers – Common Printer Issues

Printers are in general susceptible to certain kinds of errors. Follow the instructions below to resolve some of the common issues that might occur while operating AMP Printers.

Jams and Paper Feed: To rectify paper jams, inspect the various regions of the printer. Employ both hands while taking out jammed paper, and utilize a torchlight to get a better view of the printer’s insides.

Cartridge Issues: To fix cartridge issues, make sure that the protective cap on the cartridges is removed. If this does not solve the issue, clean the ink cartridge contacts.

Printing Issues: To avert printing issues, always use clean paper. Make sure that you printer is set as the default printer. If your printer is not printing documents (the print job is stuck), attempt restarting the print spooler.

Print Quality: If your printouts are not up to the quality that you expect, check the file from which you are printing. Make sure that the appearance of the original document/photo is not altered by your monitor settings. Modify your quality 123 HP AMP PRINTERS settings from the application you are printing from.

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