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Quick Guidelines for 123.hp.com/envy7855 Printer


Printer Functions for HP 7855

How to Scan on HP Envy 7855?

  • For the first time setting up of your 123.hp.com/envy7855 printer to perform scanning, download and install the driver software that is respective to your printer model and operating system.
  • Open the glass lid and place the document on the scanning glass. Close the lid and click on the scan button on your printer or do the same from the software on your computer.
  • Scanning will commence shortly and the data will get stored in the directory that you have mentioned. Scan settings can be modified in the settings window of your Devices and Printers option in control panel.
  • The provision to alter your scan settings are found in the preferences tab accessible by clicking on your printer from the list of available devices that are connected to your HP Envy 7855 Setup.

How to Copy on HP Envy 7855?

  • Copying is where the duplicate version of the document that is inserted to the scanning glass is created. Here, the document to be copied is setup for scanning and copies are made subsequently.
  • With Copy function, you can create as many copies of the original document as needed. Before attempting copying from your printer, make sure that there is enough paper available in the input paper tray.
  • To vary the copy settings such as choosing between color and black, changing the print quality and even the speed of the copying process, open control panel and choose your print preference.
  • The same can also be fiddled with from the 123.hp.com/envy7855 control panel of the printer. Quick options such as a number of copies and the choosing between a single side and double side printing can be chosen here.
  • Some of the popular preferences that can be changed to dramatically alter your print quality are Quality, Lighter/Darker, Enhancements, Binding Margin, Resizing, and orientation. Choose the one you see best.

Performing Wireless Direct Printing on HP Envy 7855 Printer

WHAT IS HP ePrint?

HP ePrint is an email based service offered by HP. By using this technology, most 123.hp.com/envy7855 printers and their Multi-function printers can print attached documents sent via email to the HP printer. Prerequisite includes getting registered in HP ePrint cloud service. You will be asked to choose a customizable unique email address, which can be shared with friends and family alike. Those with access granted can use your HP Envy 7855 Setup as long as the both of them are connected to the internet.

WHAT IS Apple AirPrint?

Apple supported software that allows you to connect with various Apple devices wirelessly with your HP printer is termed Apple AirPrint. Available for free on Apple’s application store, this software is for iOS devices v4.2 onwards. Turn on your printer’s wireless connection, configure the printer to work on AirPrint, and you will be ready to start printing before you know it.

WHAT IS Mopria?

Android’s answer to AirPrint, Mopria! The Android friendly cloud printing service. Taking it up a notch, Mopria is available as a plug-in downloadable on all browsers including the application version available for mobile devices and tablets alike. Can be found in the Play store, there is a direct plugin for Google chrome for ease of access.

Quick Step to Handle ADF Paper for HP 7855

  • Automatic Document Feeders work automatically and don’t require much of a setting up to do. During the setup process, all you have to do it place it in position as per the 123.hp.com/envy7855 instruction in the user manual and top it with papers.
  • ADF will automatically feed papers. This is a very welcome addition in cases where a large number of documents need to be scanned or copied. ADF requires very little manual intervention.
  • With poor handling skills and tampering with the setting, ADF might run into issues. The most prominent issue with it is that it simply stops picking up paper. There is an error code displayed as well.
  • Remove the paper from ADF and replace the existing sheets with new papers. The existing papers might stick with each other, replacing the same with a fresh stacked batch might fix the issue.
  • The documents inserted in the ADF could contain dirt and other 123.hp.com/envy7855 foreign particles that might get accumulated in the rollers of the ADF. This makes it necessary to keep it clean and tidy.
  • To clean the rollers, take a link free cloth and moisten it with water. Avoid alcohol or other ethanol-related cleaning agents as they might damage the roller.
  • Other than the rollers, ADF contains parts such as ADF Cover, and Separator Pads. Proceed to clean the separator pads with the same cloth. Remember to not wet the parts of the ADF.
  • Try using the ADF again as the previous HP Envy 7855 Setup steps would already have fixed you ADF. If your ADF is still refusing to pick up the paper, try resetting it but removing the power cord keeping the printer turned on.
  • Reconnect the cord and try running the ADF again. If the ADF is yet to be working, service your printer. This will effectively solve your ADF issues and possibly prevent any from occurring in the near future.

How to Clear Ink Cartridge Error on HP Envy 7855?

  • Errors caused due to 123.hp.com/envy7855 ink cartridges will display an error code and will temporarily halt your printing process. Make sure to not confuse that with an empty cartridge error.
  • You should always opt for genuine HP compatible ink cartridges. Buying products from third parties could result in drastic fall of your print quality, as cartridges other than that of HPs have questionable ink origins.
  • Before purchasing an ink cartridge from HP, make sure that the one you are purchasing is compatible with your printer. There are a ton of printer models out there and cartridges are uniquely designed.
  • What fits in one model might not suit the others. Also, if you want a cartridge that will last you long, purchase larger capacity ink cartridges. The advantage is that you need not change your ink cartridge often.
  • Follow standard instruction towards installation and replacement of your ink cartridges. Care should be taken whilst handling ink cartridges. Remember to hold the cartridge only in the black region.
  • Touching the copper contact points or the print head might cause impurities to be settled on it and will interfere with proper printing. Contact points need to be dust free to allow flawless connection with the HP Envy 7855 Setup.
  • Follow the instructions diligently and make sure to lock the cartridges in place. Loosely placed cart ridges will not be picked by the printer and will remain unrecognized prompting a cartridge error.
  • Always lock the cartridges in place by securing the cartridge lid. An audible click noise is heard when performed correctly. Cartridges as per their color code need to be installed.
  • If the error still exists even after following all the above-mentioned 123.hp.com/envy7855 steps, remove the cartridge and proceed to clean the electrical contact points with a lint-free cloth. Reinsert and attempt printing.
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