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Quickly Unpack and Connect your 123.hp.com/dj3637 Printer

Step 1: Take out the printer from its box

Remove your 123.hp.com/dj3637 printer from its packing and take off all the stickers and tape.

  • Take out your printer and remove the tapes and stickers.
  • Peel off the sticker on the control panel.
  • Lift the ink cartridge door using the handles on either side and lock it into place. Remove all tape and packing materials.
  • Replace the input tray.

Step 2: Connecting the power cord

  • Connect the power cable to an electrical outlet and your HP Deskjet 3637 printer setup rear.
  • Switch on your printer.
  • Use the control panel and select all your preferences, including language. Click on Yes to save.
  • Choose the time and date and click on Yes to save.

Control Panel Preferences

Use the control panel provided on your printer to access the Home icon and to check the wireless connectivity.

  • Use the Power button to switch off and switch on your printer.
  • Click on the Home button to revert to your Home screen in your control panel’s display. This is the screen that will be displayed immediately after you switch on your printer. The button will glow if the feature is enabled.
  • To open the different options under Menu, touch your screen, use your finger to swipe across or scroll through the options available.
  • Wireless icon light: the light provided next to the Wireless icon is an indication of the connectivity of your 123.hp.com/dj3637 printer. If the light is steady and blue, then wireless printing is enabled on your printer. If the wireless feature is disabled on your system, the light will not blink and the Wireless Summary window will display the status as Wireless Off.
  • Help icon: This button can be used to open the Help Menu to troubleshoot an error you are faced with.

Use the display menu of your control panel to choose the options fax/copy/print/scan. Swipe across the options using your finger.

  • Back Button: this button can be used to revert to the previous screen. If the feature is available, the button will glow.
  • Copy: choose this option to select copy settings/ copy type.
  • Scan: choose this option to open the Scan to window and select the destination of your scan job.
  • Fax: this option should be used when you wish to send a fax or modify the fax settings.
  • HP Printables: this is a quick and easy to access software that can be used to print from webpages-print puzzles, coupons, coloring pages and more.
  • Quick Forms: This option can be used to select any form that you wish to print from the Quick Forms menu.
  • Setup: The setup option can be used to modify settings and preferences and also perform maintenance checks on your printer.
  • Help: This option will open the Help window and can be used to see video tutorials and printer information or troubleshooting tips.
  • HP ePrint icon: the Web Services Summary will be opened when yiou choose this option. Use it to check the status of your ePrint or to modify the ePrint settings or to print the Web Services Information sheet.
  • Wireless Direct tab: switch on or switch off the Wireless direct printing feature on the Wireless Direct Summary and obtain the name and password of your Wireless Direct.
  • Wireless icon: Clicking on this tab will open the Wireless Summary You can check the status of your wireless connection and change the settings of your Wireless connection. Even if you do not have a 123.hp.com/dj3637 wireless connection, the icon will be displayed by default.
  • Ink icon: use this option to check the ink level estimates on your HP Deskjet 3637 printer setup ink cartridge. If the ink levels are low or empty, the icon will exhibit a warning message or symbol so that you can plan in advance.
  • Fax Status tab: This option will open the status information window for fax functions such as Auto Answer, fax call logs and fax volume.

How to Install Ink Cartridges on HP 3637 Printer?

  • Open the ink cartridge access door.
  • After the carriage becomes idle, remove your cartridge from its packing.
  • Take out all packing material without touching the copper contacts.
  • Raise the ink cartridge slot lid.
  • With the 123.hp.com/dj3637 cartridge nozzle facing the printer, slide it forward till it clicks into place.
  • Shut the cartridge access door after securely placing the cartridges.
  • Install other cartridges using the same instructions.
  • Insert the new cartridge.
  • Shut the lid.
  • Place the black ink cartridge.
  • Shut the ink cartridge access door. Once the new cartridges have been installed, the HP Deskjet 3637 printer setup will automatically print an alignment page.Note: The alignment page will be printed automatically on your printer only when you install a new cartridge.
  • Wait until the alignment page is ejected completely from the printer and proceed to the next step to align your new cartridges.

Note: When a print job is attempted on your printer, the output tray will be extended automatically. Do not try to replace or push the tray back in manually until the print job is completed.

How to Download and Install Software on HP DJ 3637 Printer using a USB Connection?

The information in this document is applicable for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP, HP Printer Assistant, HP Solution Center, or HP Device Toolbox software and HP Deskjet, ENVY, Laserjet, Officejet, Photosmart, and PSC printers.

It is recommended that you download the updated software for your 123.hp.com/dj3637 printer. Ensure that the software is compatible with your printer and computer.

Setup and install the software for your HP printer using a USB connection. A software installation for your HP printer. If required, select the connection type as USB.

Note: You can also use the HP Deskjet 3637 printer setup installation CD as another method to setup the software on your printer.

  • Switch on your HP printer.
  • If you have connected your printer using a USB cable, remove the cable from your printer when installing the software.
  • Open our customer support webpage on your browser.
  • Select the printer model from the list of options displayed and use the instructions displayed on your screen to navigate to the Downloads page.
  • It is recommended that you download the Full Feature driver. You can also download the Basic Driver.

How to perform Test Page printing on HP Deskjet 3637?

In the input tray of your HP printer, load fresh and clean A4 sheets after installing the cartridges on your HP printer.

  • Make sure that you load similar sheets in the input tray. Slide the paper width guides to the farthest point on the left.
  • Lift the input tray on your printer.
  • Placing the short edge first, load a fresh stack of clean A4 sheets in the input tray. Push the stack as far in as possible. Align the paper width guides along the edges of the paper.
  • Open the output tray and drag the output tray extender.

How to Print documents from Windows to HP 3736?

  • Open the document using the desired program and click on Click on Print from the drop down list displayed.
  • Select the corresponding printer model from the list of options displayed.
  • Click on Properties and select the appropriate settings.
  • Click on the tab Layout and choose between Portrait or Landscape
  • Under the Paper tab, click on Media and change the paper quality under Quality Settings.
  • Click on Advanced to choose the paper size that corresponds to the paper you have loaded in the input tray.
  • Click on OK to confirm the changes.
  • Close the 123.hp.com/dj3637 Properties window and click on OK to print your document.
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