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Instant Support for 123.hp.com/setup

  • Installation Guidelines for 123.hp.com/setup.
  • Downloading Printer Driver and Manual.
  • Establishing Wifi/Wireless Connection.
  • Support for ePrint, Airprint and Google Cloud Print.

How to set up HP Printer using 123.hp.com/setup guide?

We, at support-assiatant.us, are a group of technicians focused on providing you with the best of 123 HP Support Setup services and solutions for all 123 HP printer setup related errors, problems and troubleshooting. From the basic procedure of unboxing your 123 HP printer, removing the insulation and packing materials protecting it, to the more complicated ones as the network connection, wireless settings, fax configurations, and so on. The first time set up involves setting up the ink cartridges on your 123 HP Printer and filling up the input paper trays. We help you set up your 123.hp.com/setup printer for the first time. We also help you with the installation of the printer software, or if you have not installed the software for your HP printer properly.

123 HP printer setup

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Quick Support for 123.hp.com/setup Models

123.hp.com/setup officejetpro Printer

HP Officejet Pro Printer

As the name suggests, HP Officejet Pro printers are a must if you are running a large business. Be it black and white or colored 123.hp.com/setup documents/photos, Officejet printers help you in printing quality printables.

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123.hp.com/setup Officejet printer

HP Officejet Printer

HP Officejet, one of the oldest models of printers introduced by HP, is an inkjet printer, scanner, copier, and fax machine all rolled into one. The 123 HP printer setup design is compact and designed to fit easily on your home or home office.

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123.hp.com/setup Deskjet printer

HP Deskjet printer

HP Deskjet is one among HP’s oldest models of inkjet printers and has been in the market for about three decades. HP sells various 123.hp.com/setup models in Deskjet, the printers supporting multiple functions such as scan and fax.

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123.hp.com/setup Envy Printer

HP Envy Printer

Envy, one of the latest 123 HP printer setup models of printers from HP, comes in a sleek, all-black design with polished edges.

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123.hp.com/setup Amp Printer

HP AMP Printer

The HP AMP Printer helps you easily print and play music directly from a smartphone to a 123.hp.com/setup featuring the built-in Bluetooth speakers.

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Quick Support

Click on our Printer Support button to get your issues fixed for printer models like HP Officejet, HP Officejet Pro, HP Deskjet, HP Envy and HP AMP Printers.

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Guidelines Offered for 123 HP Support

  • HP Printer Wireless Protected setup.
  • Configure ePrint or iPrint.
  • HP Printer Installation or 123.hp.com/setup.
  • Frequent Paper Jams, Ink Cartridge Jam.
  • Corrupted or Outdated HP Print drivers.
  • Paper Jam in spooling area, Print spooler error.
  • Very low printing speed.
  • Paper feeder picks up multiple papers.
  • HP Printer driver not installed properly.
  • Computer hangs while using a HP printer.

What are the different types of Platforms Supported by HP Printer Models?


Download, setup and installation of 123.hp.com/setup drivers is made easy for your Windows computer, by our simple and straight forward procedural guide.


Connect your HP printer to your Mac and follow our step by step procedure that guides you through the HP printer setup and software installation.


Mobile printing, a feature supported by 123 HP printer setup, lets you connect your smart phone to the printer, without a hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions for HP Printer Devices

Why can’t I Print from my Tablet to HP printer?

  • To print from your iPad or any other Apple product, you need a printer that supports AirPrint.
  • Many of the older models of 123 HP printer setup do not support AirPrint.
  • In this case, download HandyPrint, an application that lets you print from your Apple device to a printer not supporting AirPrint.
  • To print from an Android device use Google Cloud Print.

How to print from an iPhone if my HP printer does not support AirPrint?

  • When a 123.hp.com/setup is shared among many computers, a separator page is printed between print jobs.
  • Check if this option is enabled. Open Devices and Printers on the Control Panel.
  • Double click on the printer icon and then again click Customize your printer and select the ‘Advanced’ tab.
  • Click on the Separator Page button on the bottom right corner of the page and disable it.

How to Cancel a HP Print Job from the Computer?

  • To cancel a print job from your Windows computer click on the 123.hp.com/setup icon that appears on the Notification area, when you start printing.
  • Right click on this icon and select Open All Active Printers.
  • Select the print job you want to cancel and right click on it. Click CANCEL.
  • When prompted, click YES and cancel the job.

Why does my HP printer prints only a blank sheet?

  • A lot of the printers currently available in the market support printing through AirPrint.
  • But if you have an older printer that is not AirPrint supported, then download third-party 123 HP printer setup apps that help you print.
  • Third-party apps like HandyPrint or PrintBureau, are called so as they are not developed by either HP or Apple.
  • These apps help send print jobs from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to a 123.hp.com/setup that does not support AirPrint.
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